There’s only a black love because relationships with black people make us talk about our problems. Since I’m a black man I tell my girlfriend what frustrates me about the way I’m (un)treated. When my “other” friends always ask about what it’s like to be “black”, I tell her. No matter what she gets me to think about living black. Among other things, we both constantly spread the truth of our day-to-day. We figure out that “black love” always has the power to free us from the problems that other black folks have.


Love gives us the power to not make being black a problem. As we get closer to tomorrow, blacks fear heart attack and diabetes in addition to gang violence. Out of love my beloved invited me to participate in a body project; in other words, I didn’t take my high blood pressure seriously until I enjoyed trips to the gym with her. Nothing makes the ways of our quality time “black” other than the fact that diabetes runs in the family of black folk. Otherwise, our two-way street of taking care would not be political if it could not be tied to a problem faced by black people.