A Satanic group in Oklahoma is currently raising funds to have a statue of Satan insurrected at the Oklahoma state capitol, which is infamous for the Ten Commandments monument that took sparked the continuing debate over separation of Church and State. The satanic statue is the figure, Baphomet, a goat-headed humanoid with horns and wings that symbolizes Satan. The Satanic Temple’s argument is that by allowing the Ten Commandments monument, they opened the door for other religions to request that they also be allowed to have religious statues placed at the site. Several other religious groups have also petitioned for the same right.

I am not a Satanist, but I have to side with them today. It is true that there is suppose to be a separation of Church and State, but we all too often see religious influence, mostly Christian being the bases for many political ideals. Our country was developed out of fear of religious persecution, thus it being a stated right and freedom to practice whatever religion you desire here. We all know this, yet we still witness folks being shunned by the majority Christian American society for not upholding the same values and beliefs.

If Oklahoma did not want to entertain other religions being represented at the state capitol then they should have erred on the side of caution and denied the Ten Commandments statue. Granted the Ten Commandments statue was privately funded, which is another sticky moral trap in itself; the monument was not built using taxpayers money. The Satanic Temple followed suit and also raised private funds of $20,000. So what is really Oklahoma’s argument- Satanism is not a religion and only God will be recognized?

Oklahoma state legislature is predominately republican, Christian and conservative. This group has a long history of being bigoted, old fashion and just plain ornery. It would be refreshing for them to say, “Aw, why not let them have a statue.” Every American regardless if they believe in Satan, God or nothing at all deserves just that- the right to believe.