September 30, 2011


When not inundating America with over-the-top, exploitative reality television, VH1 finds the time to do some amazing shit. Case in point: getting the original members of A Tribe Called Quest together for their first joint interview since 1998.

The event commemorates the 20th anniversary of the release of their legendary 2nd album The Low End Theory. It’s a fascinating read for any true fan of this brilliant group. Read Part I of the tribute after the jump, and check out a classic cut from The Low End Theory below.



Yesterday, House Republicans unveiled plans to cut federal funding for job training, heating subsidies, grants for better-performing schools, Obama’s health care reform law, NPR, and Planned Parenthood. They’d also like to reduce eligibility for grants for low-income college students.

They’re so sweet, aren’t they?

And this plan ain’t going anywhere. According to the Grio:

“…the $153 billion measure is instead expected to be wrapped into a larger omnibus spending bill this fall or winter that would fund the day-to-day operating budgets of Cabinet agencies. Negotiations between Republicans controlling the House, the Democratic Senate and the White House are sure to be arduous.”

Can you smell that? It’s the rotting stench of our failed democracy at the hands of corporate greed, obstructionism, and good ole’ corruption.

Speaking of corruption, Democratic lawmakers are calling for a federal investigation regarding Clarence Thomas’ financial disclosure forms. Apparently, it somehow slipped Justice Thomas’ mind to disclose over $700,000 his wife received from the Heritage Foundation between 2003-2007. The Heritage Foundation is a prominent, conservative think tank whose stated mission is to “formulate and promote conservative public policies…”

Does it get any shadier than this?

T.I. was released from a halfway house yesterday, hopefully marking the last time this talented young man will have to serve any more jail time.

T.I.’s bizarre history with the law is relentless; last time, T.I. barely lasted a year before getting locked up again. Let’s hope Tip has truly learned his lesson. He can do so much good for our community as a free man!

And behold…the official music video for Adele’s haunting, instantly-classic “Someone Like You.” Shot in stark black and white, the video is as stripped down as the song; just Adele walking around Paris on a windy, dreary day, meditating on the one that got away.

It’s the perfect visual accompaniment to the song. Check it out below.