Poll: Most young people dislike GOP’s Trump, say he’s racist

Jonathan Lemire and Emily Swanson, AP | July 13, 2016

A New Survey of Young People Finds Growing Support For Black Lives Matter and Trans Rights

Nidhi Prakash, Fusion | July 12, 2016

Poll: Clinton Struggles to Make inroads with Young Americans

Julie Pace and Emily Swanson, AP | July 12, 2016

Poll: After Education, Young People Diverge on 2016 Issues

Jesse J. Holland and Emily Swanson, AP | July 12, 2016

Black Youth Project Survey Interview on WMNF Radio

Jenn M. Jackson speaks with Samuel Johnson of WMNF | November 17, 2015

Black Youth Project Guest Post
Office of Multicultural Student Affairs at the University of Chicago | March 31, 2011

Viral Voices
| March 30, 2011

Black Youth Project Works to Cut Dropout Stats
Just Means | December 3, 2010

Those Most in Need, Often Most Ignored
Education Equality Project | December 2, 2010

Young, Black, And Blogging: Project Fuels Minority Education Debate
| December 1, 2010

The Black Youth Project Adds a New Voice to the Education Reform Conversation
Sangria & Stilettos | December 1, 2010

The Black Youth Project Adds a New Voice to the Education Reform Conversation
Liz Dwyer, GOOD Magazine | November 30, 2010

How More Young African American Voters Could Have Been Engaged
Peter Levine | November 9, 2010

Black Youth Get Political: Not politically detached and influenced by rap
Greater Diversity News | October 23, 2010

Study shows black youth are politically involved, disputes other stereotypes
EruekAlert | October 19, 2010

Young AAs Find a Voice in Black Youth Project
Essence.com | December 26, 2009

Black Youth Project: Frustrated African-American Young Take to Web
ABC News.com | December 26, 2009

Frustrated black youths take to the internet
csmlogo | December 23, 2009

First Public Rap Lyrics Database Hits the Web
Teen Vogue | December 11, 2009

New site puts a new spin on rap music
Latina Lista | December 8, 2009

Rap Lyrics Database Now Online
Peace | December 8, 2009

New Web site to help shape dialogue among black youth
Chicago Maroon | December 1, 2009

Youth Organization Launches Unique Cyber-Resource Center
Richmond Voice | November 18-24

Black Youth Project Creates Web Hub for Young African Americans
Screen shot 2009-11-17 at 11.29.05 AMEight Forty-Eight (Chicago Public Radio) | November 16, 2009
Listen here

Black Youth Project Website Launches
National Sexuality Resource Center | November 13, 2009

Black Youth Project Launches New Website
RaceWire RaceWire – The Colorlines Blog| November 10, 2009

Black Youth Project Launches New Website
Screen shot 2009-11-17 at 10.37.13 AMWireTap Magazine | November 10, 2009

New Website Gives Black Youth a Voice
U of C News Office| November 10, 2009

New Website Gives Black youth a voice
insightnews.com | November 10, 2009

New Website Gives Black Youth a Voice
Houston Style Magazine | November 10, 2009

Black Youth Project National Audio Press Conference
Black Youth Project National Audio Press Conference
Listen to MP3 (50MB 55 min MP3) Feb. 1, 2007

Press Release
Largest Ever National Youth Survey Illumninates the Attitudes, Experiences, Hopes and Expectations of Young African Americans (47KB PDF) Feb. 1, 2007

“Survey Details the Lives of Black Youth”
ap | Feb. 1, 2007 by Martha Irvine
View a list of media outlets that ran the AP story (PDF)

“Young Blacks Feel the Sting”
usatoday | Feb. 1, 2007 by Sharon Jayson

“Young blacks feel hindered, survey finds”
tribune | Feb. 1, 2007 by E.A. Torriero

“Youths to rappers: Clean it up”
suntimes | Feb. 1, 2007 by Andrew Herrmann

“Black youth divided over view of U.S.: report”
reuters | Feb. 2, 2007 by Matthew Bigg

“Young U.S. Blacks Believe in Politics: Study”
reuters | Feb. 1, 2007 by Michael Conlon

Study Sheds Light on Attitudes of Black Youth (Audio)
npr-new National News & Notes Program | Feb. 5, 2007

“Researchers listen to voices of youth”
plaindealer | Feb. 2, 2007 by Rachel Dissell

“Black Youth Feel Alienated, But Still Get Involved In Political and Social Issues”
diverse | Feb. 2, 2007 by Ibram Rogers

Roundtable: Biden’s Remarks, Super Bowl Preview, Black Youth Study (Audio)
npr-new National News & Notes Program | Feb. 2, 2007

News Analysis with Elizabeth Brackett
wttw Chicago Tonight program | Feb. 2, 2007
Summary of segment only – no audio/video available online

“New Survey Reveals Concerns Over Rap Music Among Youth”
All Hip Hop | Feb. 2, 2007

“Hip Hop Culture and Kids Today”
chicagoist | Feb. 2, 2007 by Julene McCoy

The Attitudes and Experiences of African-American Youth
Interview with Cathy Cohen and Adaku Utah (Audio)
Chicago Public Radio Chicago Public Radio Eight Forty-Eight program | Feb. 1, 2007
Listen to the interview (MP3)

“Marginalization of Black Youth in US Widespread: Study”
AFP | Feb. 1, 2007 by Mira Oberman

“Racism is Alive and Well, Black Youth Say in National Survey”
NY Daily News | Feb. 1, 2007 by Adam Nichols

“Coverage, Access and Quality: Survey Provides Insight Into Young Blacks’ Views on Health, Social Issues”
KaiserNetwork.org | Feb. 1, 2007

“Empirical Data Show Complex Beliefs, Attitudes and Character of Black Youth”
University of Chicago Chronicle | Feb. 1, 2007 by William Harms

“Racism Still Persistent in America: Survey”
ExpressIndia.com| Feb. 1, 2007

“New survey reveals unexpected duality in attitudes of black youth in America”
U of C News Office | Feb. 1, 2007

“On Minds of Youth?”
The Philadelphia Tribune| Jan. 30, 2007 by Regan Toomer

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