JordanMilesBeatenJordan Miles in the hospital after he was brutally beaten by 3 Pittsburgh Police Officers


Today a federal court jury decided that the 3 white undercover Pittsburgh Police officers that brutally beat Jordan Miles and ripped part of his dreadlocks out of his head, did NOT use excessive force when arresting him. That’s right, even though Jordan committed no crime, and was beaten so bad his own mother didn’t recognize him, this jury believes that was NOT excessive! They did however say the police wrongfully arrested Jordan. It didn’t matter that Jordan was an honor student with no criminal record, or that he passed an FBI administered lie detector test about what happened that night. It didn’t matter that the police officers were much bigger than Jordan, or that one of the officers was a submission wrestler, power lifter and an instructor in law enforcement pressure point tactics. Jordan’s a young Black man, therefore he’s a threat, and must be beaten into submission.

The 3 officers, David Sisak, Michael Saldutte, and Richard Ewing were given awards by the City of Pittsburgh two months after beating Jordan, and according to an agreement between the city and the police union, the officers were guaranteed the same amount of money, including overtime pay, while they were on leave for the beating. After the Justice Department and Pittsburgh District Attorney Stephen Zappala refused to prosecute them, they went right back to work. Now Jordan has to live with the fact that not only was he beaten almost to death for doing nothing wrong, a federal jury ruled his beating was justified. Welcome to America.