An all-female jury has been selected for the trial of George Zimmerman.

It will be comprised of 5 white women, and 1 minority woman (some outlets are alleging that she is Hispanic).

Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder, and faces a possible life sentence.

From NewsOne:

Two of the jurors recently moved to the area — one from Iowa and one from Chicago — and two are involved with rescuing animals as their hobbies.

One juror had a prior arrest, but she said it was disposed of and she thought she was treated fairly. Two jurors have guns in their homes. All of their names have been kept confidential and the panel will be sequestered for the trial.

The central Florida community of Sanford is in Seminole County, which is 78.5 percent White and 16.5 percent Black, roughly mirroring the jury’s racial makeup.

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