This Is Your BYP WakeUpCall!

Check out this amazing video of Amy Winehouse performing “Love Is A Losing Game,” featuring a guest spot from good friend Mos Def!


Can you imagine how fantastic an official collaboration between these two would have been?

Of course, that collabo would never come to pass. Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London apartment on July 23rd.

Yesterday, the official cause of death was released. The embattled soul singer died of extreme alcohol poisoning. According to the coroner’s report, Winehouse was over five times the legal drunk-driving limit when she stopped breathing.

Amy literally drank herself to death.

Much can be said about Amy’s death, and we’d much rather focus on her life; namely, her incredible voice and songwriting abilities. Homegirl was a phenom.

But it’s also important that we learn from the mistakes of others. Alcoholism is a disease. It requires ongoing treatment and true vigilance and determination from those afflicted, as well as their friends and loved ones.

This disease kills thousands of people every single year; not just famous singers.

Rest In Peace, Amy.