Late-night television show host Arsenio Hall has expressed his desire to buy the Los Angeles Clippers. Hall has decided to try to reach that goal by crowd-sourcing the funds. Hall has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise a $1 billion in order to purchase the Clippers. If he falls short of his goal, Hall plans to donate the portion he does raise to the NAACP.

From The Los Angeles Times:

The only catch of the Indiegogo campaign is that Hall is looking to raise $1 billion. Even the biggest crowd-funded projects to date have managed to raise in the neighborhood of $10 million. So don’t hold your breath for an Arsenio Hall-owned basketball team.

That doesn’t mean any contributions will go to waste. If he doesn’t hit the billion-dollar mark, Hall says, the money donated will be given to the National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People. The head of the NAACP’s Los Angeles chapter resigned in early May after controversy surrounding the chapter’s plan to give Sterling an achievement award.

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Those who contribute at a high level to Hall’s campaign will get perks such as the chance to write jokes for Hall’s monologue, temporary tattoos of their names of Hall’s back or even co-host his show with him for a night.

That last perk costs up to $100,000.

In a statement on Indiegogo page, Hall admitted, “I know one billion dollars is a lot of money.  For me.  For Jay-Z it’s just a good week at the office.”

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