Esperanza Spalding joins Harvard University faculty

They say the next thing to do after you reach the top of the mountain is to reach back and help someone else make it there.

Esperanza Spalding has already won pretty much every award she can in music – including Grammys, an NAACP Image Award, a Boston Music Award and a Soul Train Music Award. Now, she’s hoping to inspire the next generation to do the same. 

On being left for white men

By Myles E. Johnson

“What man wants to lay down and watch the world burn in his bedroom?” – Warsan Shire

Often I gaze at myself in the mirror to ensure that I am present, that I recognize the face looking back at me, that I haven’t acquired any new scars, and my face hasn’t gotten any wider. I feel at risk of being a ghost, working and yelling while believing I am resisting, when I am just haunting.

Mike Tyson speaks out on childhood abuse

Mike Tyson, once considered the most dangerous boxer in the world, opened up about parts of his past many fans were likely unaware of. In an interview with ESPN’s “E:60,” Tyson shared that he was molested as a child and that a man once grabbed him and tried to pull him into a building.

“Well I don’t like to talk about that, I like to keep that where it was in the past, but I was molested as a child,” Tyson said.

Time Inc. looking to sell majority stake in Essence

Media is constantly evolving and industry titans are all trying different ways to keep up. Some are investing more in video and laying off their staffs by the dozen. Others are abandoning print versions of publications. And a few, like Time Inc., are focusing on their “core” products and selling off the rest.

In an example of one of those “noncore assets,” Time Inc. is looking to sell a majority stake in the Black women’s lifestyle magazine, Essence. 

Atlanta’s murder rate is now higher than Chicago’s

President Trump and conservative supporters have made a habit out of using Chicago, a historically left-wing city, as a prime example of the failures of gun control.

They mention the city’s high murder rates and tragic tales on a regular basis hoping to drive home the point that more guns and police presence will somehow stop the violence. However, looking at the numbers carefully reveals that their efforts may be misdirected.