Atlanta teen Orentheal Childs began to have second thoughts about joining a local street gang, and told them he wanted out.

But  it wouldn’t be that easy.

The gang’s mantra is “you stay in until you die.” So they shot Childs 15 times and left him for dead.

Miraculously, Childs survived.

From NewsOne:

Police say that after gang members thought they had executed the teen, they left him on the street.

But he wasn’t dead.

Instead, he began to crawl and moan and was spotted by some people who came to his aid. The people who provided the youth with assistance are now in police protective custody.

According to police, two suspects have been caught and are in police custody.

Relatives of Orenthal say he’s had surgery and is going to recover from his wounds.


Kudos to Orentheal for having the courage to leave a life of crime

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