A bill in Kansas is being considered by the state’s House Standing Committee on Corrections and Juvenile Justice that would give police the power to arrest people who file complaints against them if those allegations were proven false.

The bill, HB 2698, was anonymously filed by someone on the Corrections and Juvenile Justice committee, which would allow people to be charged with felony perjury. 

From Raw Story:

And the measure would prevent any other law enforcement agency from taking up the investigation once it had been closed.

Ironically, the anonymously-filed legislation would also ban anonymous complaints against police.

“People in Wichita are already afraid to file complaints against the WPD, because the department has a well-known reputation for retaliating against those who do, and this bill would render such retaliation legal,” Kansas Exposed noted. “Furthermore, the bill clearly prevents an outside agency, such as the Kansas Bureau of Investigations, from opening an investigation into an allegation that the WPD has already ruled upon.”

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Comedian Jon Stewart recently criticized Kansas for passing a series of controversial bills, from allowing parents to beat their children until the point of bruising to legalizing discrimination against LGBT people.

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