Students and community members at The University of Texas at Austin are up in arms over reports that minority students have been targeted with bleach balloons while on campus.

Multiple students of color have alleged that a bleach balloon was dropped on them from apartments on West Campus. They say that the racial epithets levied at them during the incidents, and the color of most of the victims, reflects that the “pranks” are racially motivated.

A march was held in protest of campus racism and abuse.

From the Huffington Post:

“Chas Moore, a former UT student and community activist who has played a lead role in organizing current students’ response, stood on the sidewalk and used a megaphone to address safety concerns and broadcast a pointed message to the group assembled on the street in front of him.

‘This is not 1960,’ Moore said. ‘We are not going to be afraid to walk anywhere. We are not going back in time.’

Moore encouraged any ‘bleach-bombed’ student to report the attack to UTPD as well as APD. He also told students to report any incidents of prejudice that they experience to the Campus Climate Response Team.

The CCRT is a task force coordinated by the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement and the Division of Student Affairs that was established in March. If students, faculty or staff witness a biased incident, they can use the online reporting form or they can call in a report. The online form asks questions about the incident including location, date, the perceived motive of the incident and what action the reporter hopes the university will take.”


Yet another case of racially-motivated abuse at one of our nation’s Universities!

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