Honestly I had reservations about posting “Bushes” (Bomb the Throne). I knew a million rappers had already done freestyles over the “Otis” instrumental, and with the release of Jay and Kanye’s Watch the Throne I thought I may have been too late. I also wasn’t sure if people wanted to revisit the Bushes and their failures with so much disappointment in politics period right now. I’m genuinely amazed at the reaction and truly feel like a change is taking place as far as the type of Hip-Hop people want to hear.

The only backlash came from people who feel like I made the song to protect President Obama, or let him off the hook, and that’s simply not the case. I was writing about the Bushes so I was attempting to show the hypocrisy in the media and politicians who are screaming about debt, but were quiet while George W. took a surplus and almost destroyed the entire economy. It’s a fact that President Obama came into office under the worst conditions of any other President in history. Now we can argue whether or not he’s made “change we can believe in”, but I’ll save that for my next video…stay tuned