A male teenager is being medically evaluated after an alleged assault on two children left one dead in Virginia.

Richmond Police confirmed that two juveniles, under the age of 13 were assaulted, one succumbing to his injuries. 

From WTVR:

Police have warrants for the suspect’s arrest who is being described as teenage black male. The other has been taken to the hospital.

The aunt of the juveniles told CBS 6 Reporter Jon Burkett that Thursday afternoon the two children, a brother and sister, were playing on the railroad tracks.

The aunt told CBS 6 that the children came across a man who attempted to rape the 12-year-old girl.

Her brother, age eight, attempted to intervene, the aunt said (original ages told to CBS 6 were 9 and 11, but family corrected their statement).

The boy was beaten to death attempting to save his sister, the aunt told CBS 6.

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Police said the surviving victim was “threatened and intimidated by the suspect” into initially giving inaccurate information. The case remains under investigation.

The original suspect description given was limited to a white male with scraggly hair. But during the course of the police investigation, that description changed to a teenage black male.

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