Embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has empowered his wife Shelley to sell the team. This move is an about-face from earlier news suggesting that Sterling planned to fight the NBA’s punishment for racist remarks Sterling made. Although both sides have been talking, the NBA has yet to accept an agreement. However, the Sterlings selling the team now not only prevents any potential legal battle between the NBA and Donald Sterling, but also quickly ends a matter that could have lasted quite a while.

From ESPN:

It is not known whether Shelly Sterling intends to sell the team in its entirety, but that is the only way the NBA would accept the terms of this agreement between Donald Sterling and his wife, sources said.

While Shelly Sterling’s lawyers have made it clear to the league that she intends to maintain her 50 percent interest in the team, they have also stated both publicly and privately that she would like to resolve the situation amicably.

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The NBA is likely to have many suitors for the Clippers, including groups spearheaded by Magic Johnson and Oprah Winfrey.

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