Growing up we always knew that Capitalism, or “the system”, was responsible for the hardships of our parents. These days the youth of the present generation don’t seem to think that Capitalism just in its essence produces struggle. What if we have been surprised by the good experiences the labor force has lent us? Graduate students can get paid over $20,000 a semester; working young adults can earn a wage and healthy assets; and college students have an effortless ability to create lucrative businesses.  Today the possibility for the future includes a positive attitude towards the job market.

Just because the possibility for the future doesn’t force a complete alternative to Capitalism, it doesn’t mean that there’s a lack of understanding oppression. We consider the possibility of building growth companies that have a conscience of money problems for the disadvantaged. By considering this possibility we maintain allegiance to the vision that was responsible for the Black Power Movement and the Civil Rights Movement.

Just as individuals such as Fred Hampton advocated for free breakfast programs, some of us  feel compelled to make money in order to provide service. A friend of mine wants to make music for the purpose of providing economic security and flexibility for his community. Therefore, we argue that a new management of Capitalism is the combination of good intentions and a monetary means. Alleviating the amount of suffering that our parents endure to feed us, by generating profit to take care of the payment, entails the manipulation of markets. More special, this use of Capitalism intends to assist liberation.

What I mean is that the conditions of Capitalism would first have to present its capability, to address socio-economic problems.  Capitalism must present the capability in order to intrigue the critical attitude of our progressive generation. Without the confidence in a bull market—an indicator of more earnings—it wouldn’t be possible for the oppressed to imagine how Capitalism could be good.  I myself feel a bit of shame for articulating such a position, but I can’t deny the reasons for my interests in the stock market. I hope to trade for the exact amount that my grandmother and mother need to finally employ themselves and be happy.