On Wednesday, the Black Youth Project released its first ever report on Black Millennials entitled  “Black Millennials in America” survey data. The project is dedicated to providing a more nuanced understanding of the lived experiences and political attitudes of Black Millennials.  We believe that black lives matter and that we must represent the complexity of black lives at this moment.

According to the report,

“For 10 years, the Black Youth Project, housed at the Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture at the University of Chicago, has dedicated its work to understanding the challenges and opportunities faced by young people of color in the contemporary United States. We continue this mission in this study of Black millennials.

This report, “Black Millennials in America,” reflects our commitment to knowledge, voice and action. We create knowledge by detailing the real life experiences of young Black people and identifying how these experiences distinguish them from their peers. We help amplify their voices by providing platforms and opportunities for young people to weigh in on the issues most important to them. We hope the data and findings in this report will contribute to a call to action to bring about change rooted in the ways Black millennials experience contemporary America.”


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