October 4th, 2011


BET founder Bob Johnson has taken a surprising position on President Obama’s Jobs Bill, as well as that whole “tax the wealthy,” “make the elite pay their fair share” thing.

“’I think the president has to recalibrate his message,’ Johnson said. ‘You don’t get people to like you by attacking them or demeaning their success. I grew up in a family of 10 kids, first one to go to college, and I’ve earned my success. I’ve earned my right to fly private if I choose to do so. And by attacking me, is not going to convince me that I should take a bigger hit because I happen to be wealthy.’”

He’s right, guys. Leave Bob Johnson’s money alone. Go get your own!

Where would we be without the guy that brought us Cita’s World and BET Uncut?

Enjoy your private jet, Mr. Johnson. 


Remember when Herman Cain dropped the façade and went hard at Rick Perry for owning a ranch called “Niggerhead?”

Well, I guess Cain forgot he was running for the GOP Presidential Nomination…because the only person catching flack amongst Republicans over this incident is Herman Cain.

Republicans do not tolerate being called racist. No matter what.

Gotta love America.


A new book claims that Sean “Diddy” Combs had Tupac Shakur killed in 1996, and that Suge Knight had the Notorious B.I.G. murdered as an act of revenge.

Written by former LAPD detective Greg Kading, the book leans on jailhouse confessions from a former Crip gang member named Keffe D, who claims that Combs paid him and his nephew Orlando Anderson (i.e. the guy Pac and Suge beat up in the MGM lobby earlier that night) to kill Tupac.

Is it true? Who knows.

Is this Greg Kading in for one hell of a lawsuit?



In oddly-related and totally bizarre news, a sextape has leaked that allegedly shows Tupac Shakur receiving oral sex from a woman, while performing a song and chatting with friends.

The tape was sent to TMZ, who says they are absolutely positive it is 2pac, and rumor has it the tape will leak any day now.

Absolutely disgusting. Hasn’t Pac been exploited enough?

What kind of horrible person would exploit a deceased person in this way?


And finally, check out a preview of Beyonce’s latest music video, “Countdown.”

Has there ever been a female artist more charismatic than Beyonce?  

Homegirl vamps it up in this, pregnant and all.


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