BYP Morning NewsFlash
September 19, 2011

Everyone is still talking about that insanely bizarre Mayweather-Ortiz fight. thinks you need to stop hatin’ on Mayweather and recognize his talent as a boxer. I’ll let you make that call. But they do have a point; regardless of what everyone might think, Mayweather did nothing illegal. And he’s still an incredibly talented fighter. But he’s also a douche.

Floyd Mayweather is officially the Kanye West of Boxing.

In other strange sports news, Ron Artest is really in the process of changing his name to Metta World Peace.

Yes, you read that right. His new first name is “Metta,” which is apparently a Buddhist word that means “love and kindness to all.” The “World Peace” part is self-explanatory.

Is it ok to make fun of this? Artest has said that he hopes the name change will inspire young people around the world, which is nice. But couldn’t he have just started a charity and named it Metta World Peace instead? Just sayin

According to the Bureau of Justice, violent crimes in the U.S. fell  by a whopping 12% last year, and no one really knows why. The assumption was that in a bad economy, crime would only continue to go up. That definitely did not happen. In fact, between 1993-2010, rates of violent crime have dropped by 70%. So why are prison populations still exploding? Hmmm…

Prepare to be horrified by a Clutch Magazine report on an article printed in the Wall Street Journal by a conservative writer named Arthur Laffer. Laffer thinks he has the solution to skyrocketing black unemployment; Urban Enterprise Zones, which would “encourage development in blighted neighborhoods through tax and regulatory relief to entrepreneurs and investors who launch businesses in the area; where companies can locate free of certain local, state, and federal taxes and restrictions.

Sounds great, right? Until you realize that what he’s talking about is essential building a sweatshop in the middle of the hood. We live in the richest country in the world. Our people deserve to be paid a decent wage.

And in case you missed it, VH1’s new documentary “Planet Rock” premiered last night, and it was fantastic. Recounting the inextricably-link between the rise of Crack-cocaine and the rise of Hip Hop, the doc was well-researched, well-presented, Ice-T’s narration was on point, and the many insights from guys like RZA, Snoop, Raekwon and B Real were incredibly genuine and heartfelt.

Rick Ross was also interviewed. No, not the rapper, but the real Freeway Ricky Ross; the one that oversaw a massive crack empire in the late-80s and early 90s. And according to him, Rozay is a complete and utter fraud and he wants his name back.  Check out the clip below.

I don’t know what’s worse; the fact that the guy who revolutionized the crack game is exalted to the level of a deity within segments of our community, or the fact that someone who’d previously had a wholly legitimate job as a corrections officer felt the need to hide and lie about his previous life in order to make it in Hip Hop.