We wish we could say we are shocked by this news, but at this point it would be shocking if things like this didn’t happen.

News has surfaced that two prisons in California illegally sterilized women inmates:


Prison doctors in California sterilized nearly 150 female inmates during the course of four years without ever obtaining proper approval from the state, a new investigation reveals.

According to The Center for Investigative Reporting, at least 148 women at a pair of state penitentiaries received tubal litigations during the period of 2006 through 2010, yet officials in charge of authorizing those surgeries neglected to sign off in approval.

Since 1994, the sterilization surgery has required the signature of a medical official from the state capital for each and every instance. According to documents obtained by journalists, however, no such records exist.

Current and former inmates also say they were pressured to get their tubes tied, and that certain women were targeted for the procedure.

Other witnesses say the prison seemed to single out women who have experienced multiple pregnancies.

I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s not right,'” fellow former Valley State inmate Crystal Nguyen, 28, told investigators. “Do they think they’re animals, and they don’t want them to breed anymore?”

Heinrich, the former Valley State OB-GYN, told The Center for Investigative Journalism that the state likely saved money in the long run by recommending the surgeries, and disputes claims that doctors ever coerced inmates into getting the procedure.


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