John Lennon said, “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.”  Yeah.  I suck.  But it’s not my fault–this time.  I just spent more than 2 hours at a Verizon Wireless store because my Nokia Twist broke (in half).  Ok, so maybe I broke it on New Year’s Eve.  Anyway, the point is, I spent way more time than I’d planned with an incredibly nice and chipper customer service rep at the Logan Square VZW, which means I’m just now sitting down at the computer, which means my blog is hella late, which means I’m not doing well in keeping resolution number 5

Since I don’t want to step on my other BYP bloggers’ toes, I won’t post the blog I’d planned to post today until next week.  (It’s ok.  Breathe.)  So instead, I’ll give you Ms. Joya Bravo.


I know this video is quite old (in internet years), but I post it today because Bravo recently turned her Dollar Van Demo into a McDonald’s commercial.


Talk about the commodification of creativity, blackness, hipness, whatever.  Talk about how much she got paid (so you can’t blame her or hate too hard.)  Talk about how quirky she is.  Talk about whatever.

Next week–I promise.