Several Caribbean countries have decided to sue their former colonizers for reparations. According to an AP report, political leaders voted unanimously to pursue a lawsuit and have hired a law firm to help them with the effort.

From Associated Press:

According to the Leigh Day law firm, the Caribbean Community also wants reparation payments to repair the persisting “psychological trauma” from the days of plantation slavery and calls for assistance to boost the region’s technological know-how since the Caribbean was denied participation in Europe’s industrialization and confined to producing and exporting raw materials such as sugar.

The plan further demands European aid in strengthening the region’s public health, educational and cultural institutions such as museums and research centers.

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The plan is also pushing for a “repatriation program,” including legal and diplomatic assistance from European governments, to potentially resettle members of the Rastafarian spiritual movement in Africa.

The issue will be discussed during a meeting in London.

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