Video footage of a brutal beating of a young black male at the hands of Houston police officers has community members outraged.

18 year-old Chad Holley had been involved in a burglary with three friends. Upon being pulled over, Holley made a run for it. But when a police car knocked him over Holley decided to surrender, lying face down on the ground with his arms atop his head.

Rather than simply cuff him, four police officers proceed to relentlessly punch and kick Holley.

From NewsOne:

“‘I started feeling people on my back. I felt one hard blow,’ he said. ‘It felt like knees and I don’t know kicks … I lay there,’ not fighting back. Holley said he briefly lost consciousness and the next thing he remembers is waking up in the back of a patrol vehicle.

Prosecutor Clint Greenwood told jurors that the officers were out of control.

‘The defendant and his fellow officers methodically delivered their own brand of justice not in this courtroom but in the side of a street in southwest Houston,’ Greenwood said.

Holley’s arrest and alleged beating was captured by a security camera at a nearby storage business. In the video, Holley can be seen on the ground, surrounded by at least five officers. Officers appear to kick and hit his head, abdomen and legs.”

All four officers have since been fired. Andrew Blomberg is the first of these officers to stand trial; he’s been charged with “official oppression,” a misdemeanor that carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail.


Check out video of the incident below:


Will these officers get away with assaulting Chad Holley?

Should they have been charged with something more than a misdemeanor?

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