Chris Brown is at it again.

The R&B singer whose popularly seemingly never wanes despite his eruptions of violence is at it again.

Brown has gotten yet another tattoo, which wouldn’t be a problem, but this one is of a battered woman:

Chris Brown, having graduated from tossing chairs at windows after interviewers have the temerity to ask him about his battering of then-girlfriend Rihanna, has apparently decided that violence against women will be his new hallmark. He’s tattooed an image of a battered woman, which looks strikingly like the images taken to document Rihanna’s injuries though he of course denies it’s her,on his neck.

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We understand that the “bad boy” images endures, but what gives?

How does Chris Brown’s popularity remain, especially amongst young girls, despite these antics?

Does Chris need an intervention? Do his fans?

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