On Tuesday CNN aired a segment that featured martial arts expert Rabbi Gary Moskowitz. He joined the show to give a demonstration of how to defend yourself against attackers participating in “Knockout.”

The game is when assailants, who are often young teens, punch unsuspecting victims in the face/head in hopes of knocking them out with one blow. The segment included a demonstration, with CNN anchor Don Lemon taking on the role as assailant. 

From The Wire:

“The issue is … they’re not just attacking Jews theologically. What they’re doing is, they’re attacking weaker people. It’s very much like the animal kingdom. They’re attacking weaker people. So they attack elderly women, they attack children. And Jewish people, unfortunately, especially in the Orthodox community are considered weak.”

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CNN kicked off its coverage of the topic by showing video of some of the isolated incidents, showing black men and teens sucker punching people.

Here’s a clip of the segment:

Anyone else find it odd that he is only teaching members of the Jewish community? 

Thoughts on the video?

Are the rabbi’s references offensive?

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