Noelle Gipson 

An Indiana University Bloomington student is making the most out of her college experience. Noelle Gibson will be entering her senior year.

She’s spent most of her time at IU taking advantage of worthwhile opportunities to see the world.

From Indiana University Bloomington:

Noelle Gipson entered IU in 2011 with so many interests, she wasn’t sure how to choose a major.

Then, during her freshman year, the Elkhart, Ind., native was walking by the Herman B Wells Library when a cluster of signs near the School of Public and Environmental Affairs caught her attention: “Briefing the press starts here.” “Good starts here.” “Government reform starts here.”

Gipson, who will begin her senior year in the fall, was inspired to check out the SPEA website, where she found the perfect major: public and nonprofit management.

Her choice has already led to two study abroad experiences and an international service experience in Jamaica. Last summer, she studied nation building at King’s College in England; currently, she’s in Sydney interning with “GetUp! Action for Australia,” an independent, grass-roots community advocacy organization that aims to give citizens a political voice.

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There, she conducts research for various campaigns, including legislation related to coal mining, preservation of the Great Barrier Reer and refugees seeking asylum in Australia.

Noelle is also blogging about her experiences at She hopes to work in public relations for a government agency after graduating next year.

Outstanding! Kudos to Noelle for taking full advantage of the many opportunities available to her.


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