In May, it was announced that Scandal star Columbus Short would no longer be appearing as Harrison on the hit ABC television show. That was around the same time that allegations of assault and domestic abuse involving Short surfaced. 

During an interview with Access Hollywood, Short opened up about the many personal issues that we’ve heard about in recent months.

From Access Hollywood:

“The last three months, I have to say, have been one of the most trying times of my life. I think there’s a time when your personal life gets magnified by who we are as celebrities,” he told Billy. “I’ve always believed that the truth is good enough, like, sometimes the truth is ugly, right? And it’s good enough, but I think what happens in the media is they make grandiose versions of these stories.”

Adding, “But I’m here to say today, that I’m still here, I’m focused, I’m grinding. Both of those two cases that you were speaking of earlier, those are dropped. So you know, one by one, it’s just like slowly but surely just chipping away at this thing.” […]

“I’ll take ownership… me and my wife, we’re going through problems – serious problems,” he said. “However, the domestic part of it, I’m not a physically violent man.”

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Short’s estranged wife Tanee Short filed for divorce in April. According to court documents, she alleges he pinned her to the couch and threatened to stab her during a game of “truth or truth” when she told a lie.

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