Source. Your. Shit.

-JeCorey Holder

by JeCorey Holder

Black women/femmes say it first, but can never seem to get the credit or at the very least keep it. 

Queer rights movement? Started by Marsha P. Johnson. A Black trans woman. The “Me Too” movement calling out sexual misconduct? Started more than ten years ago by Tarana Burke. A black woman. Black Lives Matter, one of the most influential and talked-about movements in the last decade, was started by Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrisse Cullors. Three black LGBTQ+ women. Black women have been practicing feminisms since before white women could even conceive of something like it.

All of these movements, and more, have been thoroughly co-opted and coveted by privileged groups.

I have encountered far too many straight people willing to fight over whether or not Black Lives Matter should include Black LGBTQ+ people? Or how easily they forget to even think about Black women? Far. Too. Many.

Responsibilities of allyship aside, everything Black women say or do is constant in danger of being just straight-up stolen, reappropriated, or misappropriated. Every bit of momentum that Black women gain is at risk of someone else grabbing the wheel and pushing them out of what they built. Every progressive-minded trend is swept out from under them and doomed to disingenuity by people who think parroting shit that Black women have been saying is enough to be “woke”.

Stop stealing from Black women and credit them accordingly for everything they put into this world.Your fraudulence is showing, boo. Source. Your. Shit.

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