Perhaps the Dave Chappelle “comeback” many of us have been clamoring for is going as swimmingly as planned. At a stop in Hartford, Connecticut last night, Chappelle was heckled before he walked off stage to the boos of some crowd members:


Chappelle, who was headlining the Funny or Die Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Tour, was on stage at the Comcast Theatre in Hartford for just a few minutes, when he suddenly stopped his routine and said the audience was making too much noise, one witness said. For the next 25 minutes, he sat on a stool, read from a book, told the crowd he was still getting paid and then eventually walked off the stage, a witness said.

Some fans are upset and want a refund.

Read more at NBC Connecticut.

The tour continues tonight in Pennsylvania before heading to Chicago. Have you seen Chappelle’s latest show? Were you disappointed in his performance and apparent change in style? Should the audience have complied to Chappelle’s request to quiet down? Should Chappelle do performances that satisfy audience’s expetactions? Thoughts? Sound off below!!!!