White Mississippi teenager Deryl Dedmon has been sentenced to life in prison for murder and committing a hate crime, after running over 49 year-old James Craig Anderson with a pickup truck.

As you may recall, Dedmon and some friends were out partying last June 26th when he got the bright idea of hunting down a black person to harass. They stumbled upon James Anderson at a gas station and beat him mercilessly, before Dedmon hopped back into his truck and ran him over, killing him.

Dedmon did show remorse at his sentencing hearing.

“Dedmon, 19, apologized to Anderson’s family. ‘I do not ask y’all to forget, but I do ask y’all to forgive,’ he said in court just before he was sentenced by Hinds County Circuit Judge Jeff Weill Sr.

As members of his family and the victim’s relatives wiped away tears, Demon said God has taught him not to see race and he is a changed man.”

The Anderson family reportedly requested that prosecutors not seek the death penalty against Dedmon, citing their opposition to capital punishment.

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