Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross announced his plans to meet with Jonathan Martin on Wednesday. The owner vowed to get to the root of allegations of bullying that led Martin to walk away from the team two weeks ago.

Richie Incognito has been labeled the “ring master” of the taunts, and evidence of Incognito referring to Martin with racial epithets have led to further investigation of claims that younger players footed thousands in expenses for dinners and vacations for veteran players.

From ESPN:

Ross confirmed he has been in communication with Martin via text messages. Miami’s owner said he will not deal with speculation and will get as much information as possible from the source.¬†“I’m going to meet with Jonathan Martin face to face and hear what he has to say,” Ross said Monday at Raymond James Stadium before the Dolphins’ game against the winless¬†Tampa Bay Buccaneers. “Then, I will deal with it from there. So much has been said about a lot of different things.”

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Following an investigation by the NFL, Ross promised to make changes throughout the organization. He calls the situation a “nightmare,” highlighting the negative media attention received by his team as one of the reasons.

Incognito has admitted to using racial slurs and threats via voice mail and texts towards Martin. But he insist that the actions “came from a place of love.” In light of the actions, Ross is setting up a task force to improve the culture within the Dolphins’ locker room.

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