According to a report from Think Progress, Tesla and Space X founder Elon Musk is facing backlash over his donation of $38,900 to a Republican Political Action Committee. According to recently released FEC disclosure forms, Musk donated to a group called Protect the House which seeks to help campaigns of GOP House members in danger of losing their seats.

Musk explained via Twitter that donating to Republicans “maintains an open dialogue.”

Musk maintains that his donations give him political leverage because donations make those Republicans “willing to listen when I call to object about issues that negatively affect humanity.” In the past few years, Musk’s contributions to the Republicans have increased, but when Barack Obama was president, he steered away from the right. This pattern suggests that Musk courts groups who wield political influence on policy.

Musk also claims that he donates “a nominal annual amount to both parties.” Last year he donated the same $33,900 to the National Republican Campaign as well as maximizing contributions to U.S. Representatives Diane Feinstein (D-California) and Kevin McCarthy (R-California).

Musk is also waging a curious war on social media regarding the rescue of the children in Thailand, calling one of the rescuers a pedophile for seemingly no apparent reason. Additionally, Musk has been publicly critical of recent news reports on the labor rights issues at his Tesla factories and other reports on the problems with the braking system of Tesla’s newer Model 3 vehicles.