In last week’s post, I wrote about the Israeli raid on the Free Gaza flotilla fleet. I mentioned the many protests that took place here in the United States and all over the world. However, I did not mention the protests  inside Palestine. Demonstrations took place in the West bank, where the lawenforcement is the Israeli military and this is great to be able to point out the Israeli corruption and stick it in there faces, but on the other hand it also turned out to be very dangerous for the demonstrators. The same type of unnecessary violence and aggression that was displayed  by the Israeli military in the flotilla attacks, the type of unnecessary violence and aggression that people gathered in various places all around the world to object. This was exact what was projected forth onto the non-violent protesters. The Israeli Police has claimed that tear gas is kept to disperse crowds and only shot from distances and into the air.

Well, obviously this was not the case when art student from Cooper Union in Manhattan, NY, Emily Henochowicz, had one canister of tear gas land to her right, then one to her left and finally one that landed directly on her face. Emily was spending time in the West bank as a witness to the injustice. She wrote blogs and posted drawings and sketches of the chaotic environment. Her life was has been devoted to witnessing and watching things happen and then turning them into something beautiful and tangible. Unfortunately, Emily lost her let eye and fractured many bones in face as well. The tragedy is that her eye is an integral part in the creation of her visual arts.

It’s hard to understand how someone who could have chosen been so removed from this conflict and who personally did not need for any changes to be made by the Israeli government and who chose to witness and to learn about what was going on could so easily be dragged in and attacked.