As previously mentioned in prior reports from Black Youth Project, the European Union is seeking to find a compromise on the issue of human migration among its member countries. On Sunday, the leaders of the European Union met in Brussels, Germany, where they agreed to screen those seeking asylum in Europe at centers in North Africa and the Balkans.

During recent weeks, the division among EU countries on this issue has been on full display. Italy and Spain’s markedly different responses to a refugee crisis driven by political instability bordering on a civil war in South Sudan are a prime example of these divisions.

These divisions have reportedly driven a coalition organized by Angela Merkel to the very edge of collapse. The Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia refused to attend the meeting and also refuse to allow immigrants into their countries.

Both Merkel and France’s president Emmanuel Macron have said that they don’t foresee the deadlock being lifted by an agreement across the EU. Instead, they expect agreements between two or three countries will lead to a compromise.

This leaves the EU in a rather precarious position ahead of its full 2 day summit on Thursday, as this emergency meeting is certain to meet scrutiny.