In the most recent report regarding the mysterious death of Georgia teen Kendrick Johnson, the coroner blasted the handling of the initial investigation. 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson was found dead inside a rolled up gym mat at his high school in January.

While police initially ruled the death an accident, his family suspects foul play, and has demanded that authorities look further into the investigation. In addition to the coroner’s disapproval of the case’s handling, Johnson’s family suspects that a video of the incident has been tampered with.

From CNN:

Thursday, lawyers for Johnson’s family raised questions about apparent discrepancies in newly released surveillance images, including missing time codes, gaps and a mysteriously blurry and out-of-position camera that should have been pointed right at the spot where authorities found Johnson’s body some 10 months ago. The surveillance images were provided by authorities after a judge ruled they must be released.

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In one image, a man seen walking away from the gym disappears from a series of images shot by a motion activated camera. The family also cites another example where images that should have shown the place where police say Johnson fell into the gym mat. Instead the image was blurry and out of position.

The video is just one example of questionable behavior in the case.  Johnson’s body and skull had also been stuffed with newspaper; his brain and other organs having been removed.

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