The tension over Michael Brown’s death has hardly dissipated. Public opinion remains divided between those who think Officer Darren Wilson, the man responsible for taking the teen’s life, should be charged with murder and those who say he shot the teen in self defense.

What is pretty cut and dry is the amount of support Officer Wilson has received, and the crowd seems to be supporting the latter theory.

From Quartz:

On Aug. 17, the page “Support Officer Darren Wilson” was created by his supporters on the crowd-funding platform GoFundMe.com. Even though Wilson has not been arrested, supporters say the funds will be used to cover his legal fees. Within seven days, the page raised $234,910 from 5,901 people. It was closed on Aug. 22 after reaching its goal.

A new fundraising page, “Support Officer Wilson,” was opened on Aug. 23 by a local police union. In two days, it has raised more than $130,000 from 2,973 people.  Supporters also recently held a rally outside a St. Louis’ local news station, selling T-shirts with the message “Officer Darren Wilson. We Stand By You. 8-9-14.” The T-shirts, on sale for $20, reportedly sold out.

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 The amount collected in support of Wilson in just six days is greater than the amount Michael Brown’s family and supporters have been able to raise since the teen lost his life on Aug. 9.
The “Michael Brown Memorial Fund,” which was set up by attorney Benjamin Crump who is representing the family, uses the same crowd-funding platform. Funds raised will be not be used for legal fees, but given to the family of Michael Brown.
So far, the online account has raised $232,828 by 8,074 people over a time-period of 11 days.

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