From a standout player, a different sort of care basket

Carla Rivera, Los Angeles Times | July 3, 2011
Allan Guei was a standout player on the Compton High School basketball team, but when he stepped to the free-throw line for a chance to win $40,000 in college expenses, he admitted to feeling a little pressure.

He made five out of 10 attempts in the March competition, edging the first runner-up, who sank four underhanded baskets as she trembled at the line.

But it was the 18-year-old’s next move that astonished his classmates at last month’s graduation ceremonies.
After receiving a full basketball scholarship to Cal State Northridge, Guei announced he would give his contest winnings to the seven runners-up in the free-throw competition.

Under NCAA rules, Guei could have kept most of the winnings without giving up his athletic scholarship. But he thought the others were more in need of the boost.

“They were all smart and wanted to pursue their dreams, but were having financial difficulties,” Guei said after basketball practice recently. “I felt it was the right move to help the others, especially when everything else was taking off for me.”

His classmates were thrilled.  (Read more)