Grants to Gang Prevention Programs Announced
Ariel Edwards Levy, South Los Angeles Report, July 1, 2o1o

$7.5 million for 16 new grants to steer at-risk youth away from gangs has been awarded in California, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced Wednesday at a press conference at Los Angeles Harbor College.

In L.A. County, hundreds of thousands of dollars will go to fund job training and other programs at community groups and schools, including Harbor, L.A. Mission College, and Cerritos College.

At a time when the state is slashing numerous social programs to settle its budget, which today becomes overdue, Schwarzenegger was visibly relieved to deliver some good news.

“I know when I come here that I will get hassled, because this is budget time.” he said. ‘But you know, I’m a big fan of community college because I myself am a product of community college….So it is natural that I will be always taking care of community college, and also of higher education. Even though we have a $20 billion deficit, we’re going to put $1.2 billion more into higher education, into our colleges and universities in California, because that’s the future, so we really have to do everything to protect it.” (Read the full article)