By Mark Eubanks

RACISM. It still occurs to this day, and appears to become worse by the years. The sad part is that most people that are racist don’t believe they are and don’t think that there’s anything wrong with it. You see it everywhere — the news, via media, and it also plays a big part in the way people relate to one another. While America has come a long way from where it once was, we still have a long way to go. 


Since the days of slavery, racism has been around. It seems like it grew worse after so called blacks or African Americans were set free. It seems like it became more visible and noticeable. The biggest concern to me is between the so called white, and the so called black.

They are the only two people that have a color that represents them. Since when did a nationality become a color?
Everyone else is called by an actual name, if you ask the Mexicans they’re going to say Mexican, if you ask a true African they’re going to say African. Same with Chinese people they’re going to say Asian, but when it comes to so called blacks and whites we use a color. Why do they call us black? Why do they call Caucasians white? Is it because of our skin, or is it because of the meaning of the word?


The word white in the dictionary means, the opposite of black, pure, snow, holy, light, innocence, perfection, the good, honesty, cleanliness, the beginning , lightness etc. That same dictionary defines black as being the opposite of white, little light, very dark color, evil, wicked, cheerless , and depressing , gloomy, marked by anger, absence of light, a member racial group, having black skin. In all of my years of living, I have never seen a black man, or a white man. Why did the Caucasians take the name white? Was It because the color of their skin? Or did they choose it because of the definition?

The definition says that white means, pure innocent holy, light, perfections, cleanliness, etc. But the history of the world will teach you that they’re not innocent, holy, or pure. They enslaved so called blacks for over 400 years.They took the land from the Natives, and forced them to move to other places in the world. They used to lynch so called blacks, and sell them and rape them and beat them in front of their kids and families.

Whites continue to remind blacks of how inferior they are beyond the color’s definition. If you look at society today and the way things work, the word black, how could you call a person that if you know the meaning to it?
The meaning of black, evil, gloomy, wicked, depressing, marked by anger; which I know a lot of so called black people that are none of the above. Even the word African American, is a phrase that they call us to let us know that we are not equal in their eyesight.

The Natives were the only ones in the United States before it was called the United States. So how can you give the people a title whose land it was, and tell them that they are Native Americans when you were not even citizens of the land?


Any application that you fill out you see these choices:

Native Americans, black or African Americans, Latin Americans, and the last one is White. Why do they operate like that? It’s simple no one is equal to the so called white race. Will we ever be equal in their sight? The question remains…..