By: Mark Harris

I want to let everyone know that this post is not about religion. As it to be said, I am not religious. However, this post is about the miracle that life allows to happen. No matter how one looks at things, there is something out there “bigger than us”. There is something out there that, every now and then, looks out for us.

You can call it “God”. You can call it “Karma”. Within it all, I call it a simple “blessing from up high”.

What happened to Willie Myrick would make anyone get on their knees and call unto Elohim. Earlier in the month of April, Willie was kidnapped. I will let an article excerpt explain the situation further:

He explained that after the man, who is still on the loose, grabbed him and threw him in the back of his car he just kept “praising God” with Walker’s “Every Praise,” a song he learned in Sunday school. While he was singing, Willie said his kidnapper yelled expletives at him. “He told me, shut up f*** boy,” said Willie. He, however, kept singing until his kidnapper got tired and threw him out ordering him not to reveal what happened. [1]

The mom found out when Willie called from someone’s phone. Hezekiah Walker, the author of the song “Every Praise”, was so touched by the situation that he flew down for Willie’s 10th birthday and helped the church perform the song [2]. It seemed that one of the scariest situations brought about one of the most spiritually rich outcomes.

Oh, by the way: The church is called Mount Carmel Baptist Church.

I may have figured out what probably happened in the kidnapping situation. The young boy did what he was taught to do: give praise to a higher power. The kidnapper, however, must have had some sort of connection or feeling to that said higher power. Realizing that doing whatever heinous act would not sit well within him; he let the boy go and told Willie Myrick not to tell anyone. In those fruitful moments, a sense of remorse came over the kidnapper.

Wherever you may sit on the spectrum of religion and spirituality, know this: this is the perfect example of what religion is supposed to do. Religion, when done right, is supposed to motivate people to do the right thing. Willie Myrick did the right thing and influenced the kidnapper to not do the wrong thing. Willie was spared his life and a community was spared pain and anguish. In short, this is another example of God’s work.