When I turn 89, I’m going to tell everyone to kiss my ass. By then I would have done my share of sucking up and can finally either ask for it in return or just simply say “fuck off”. Whatever comes out of my mouth will certainly not be followed by an apology. Which is why it is beyond me why Helen Thomas, who clearly has a strong, developed viewpoint would go back on such rich commentary. Why in the world where everyone from Obama to Starbucks is on Israel’s dick would an old white lady like Helen Thomas renege? In my view, she should have made the point and stood her ground! But she apologized and so the world is left with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Gee, thanks Helen. Two people would have been better than one.


When Helen Thomas told Rabbi David Nesenoff that Jews should go back to Poland and Germany and anywhere else, her comments were called everything from anti-Semitic to ignorant. The makers of the video, Rabbi Nesenoff, also an amateur blogger ended the short video clip of Helen Thomas’ comments with “Six million Jews were killed at home in Germany and Poland. Doesn’t Helen know that Jews lived in Israel long before the Holocaust?” Two things. 1. Just because she believes Jews should leave Israel does not make her an anti-Semite. 2. Having an opinion does not mean she cannot report in an “unbiased” manner.

Beyond Helen and Jews, the “motherland” defense has always bothered me. Yes, I’m talking about Marcus Garvey. I guess one could understand the desire to leave America as one can understand the desire for Jews to never return to Germany. But, what if Negroes back in the day had actually boarded a boat for Africa? What would they have done if they were met with skepticism or violence from the current inhabitants? Would they fight and build walls and block resources? Quite possibly. Ultimately I don’t know enough about Israel or Zionism to make any grand pronouncements about Gaza, but I do know that Helen Thomas who has been a Journalist and a member of the White House FOREVER has just endured the most undemocratic dismissal. And if anyone is looking for the measure of power that Jews have in America and across the world, you only need to look to her fall. That’s some serious bounce-back from World War II.