How Do College Students View ‘Blackness’ at PWIs?
Liane Membis, Clutch Magazine, February 21, 2011

Students at Yale University are currently pondering over this question through an online project titled Yale Blackness, which was launched this February by the Black Student Alliance at Yale (BSAY), an organization birthed in 1969 with the goals of enhancing Black student life through political and community action. According to Albert McWilliams, current President of BSAY, the goal of the blog is not to focus on negative outlooks in their collective social space, but rather to inspire thoughtful discussion on the state of the black community on their campus and beyond.

“The purpose of the ‘Yale Blackness’ project is to give Yale students a medium to offer their thoughts on race and culture at Yale University and to motivate students to actively improve race relations,” McWilliams said. “Like many organizations on campus, the Black Student Alliance at Yale (BSAY) recognizes the potential for ‘new media’ to begin a dialogue on racial dynamics on college campuses. Anonymity is a powerful tool, and when used appropriately and respectfully, it can provoke students to offer powerful insight.”

Yale students have been asked to submit anonymous descriptions in 50 words of less with their perceptions and personal reflections of the black community on campus. More than 150 responses have been submitted to the blog, with 5 to 7 posts being updated on the site daily.  (Read more)