Yesterday afternoon, the Midwest was struck by several tornadoes. At least six people are dead, and the act of God affected 12 states, reaching as far as western New York.

Rescuers are still searching for victims who passed away due to the series of tornadoes that swept through the land. Illinois, Indiana and Ohio was hit hardest.

While there is very little that we can do to stop a tornado, there are precautions that we can take to protect ourselves. Here are some tips on how to stay safe when disaster strikes. 

From National Geographic:

• Prepare for tornadoes by gathering emergency supplies including food, water, medications, batteries, flashlights, important documents, road maps, and a full tank of gasoline.

• When a tornado approaches, anyone in its path should take shelter indoors—preferably in a basement or an interior first-floor room or hallway.

• Avoid windows and seek additional protection by getting underneath large, solid pieces of furniture.

• Avoid automobiles and mobile homes, which provide almost no protection from tornadoes.

• Those caught outside should lie flat in a depression or on other low ground and wait for the storm to pass.

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Our condolences go out to the loved ones of those lost in the storms.

Tornadoes are usually rare this late in the year. Is this a sign that we need to pay more attention to climate change?

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