It is painfully obvious that Hollywood has a race problem. Hit movie after hit movie features lead characters who are phenotypically White while movies with diverse casts are categorized as “race-themed” movies. Dylan Marron, a self-described “Neo Futurist” and performer, sliced up a few top films which perfectly highlight this point.

‘The Fault in Our Stars’ comes in at 00:41 seconds because there is literally only one character of color in the entire film, Dr. Maria.

The acclaimed film, ‘American Hustle,’ manages to come in at 00:53, the totality of which are stereotypical and problematic. They even have a Latino American posing as a South Asian person to add insult to injury.

The Disney movie ‘Maleficent’ only lasts 00:18 seconds when reduced to only actors of color. The one person of color in the film only has two scenes and two lines which include a moment where he is violently slapped across the face.

One of the funnier edits is ‘Into the Woods.’ The musical featured many characters, from witches to princesses and even to giants. But, the 00:08 second trailer shows that, even with all of that diversity, they managed to have zero characters of color.

While these movie edits are laughable, they are also indicative of a continued lack of roles for actors and actresses of color in Hollywood. These films continue to do extremely well at the box office while managing to exclude faces which reflect the diverse audiences who view them. Hopefully, this type of satirical approach to critiquing current cinematic practices will induce change. But, until then, these films will continue to at least get us laughing about this very unfortunate problem.

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