It would probably tell you that John Mayer’s dick is one smart peen. Of course, our genitals don’t talk nor do they think, but ahem, have you seen the STD rates in the black community? We all make decisions about who we sleep with. Sometimes it is based on race, on size, on stature, and sometimes we blame it on the alcohol. Some of our decisions are not so thought out and some are rather intentional. When’s the last time you had sex with a homeless person?

I know I’m going to get killed for this post, but why is it racist when people don’t want to sleep with black folk, but sophisticated nationalism and community preservation when black folks stick to their own? Beyond that, why do black people take so much offense when people don’t want to have sex with them and then get mad when they are only seen as sex objects. Is there a safe middle ground? A one to one ratio on hip hop video hos and Michelle Obama-J. Crew imagery?

Tiger Woods (yes, him again) got nailed to a cross for cheating on his wife, but he got set on fire for not skipping out on the white wife for a sista. Something tells me folks would overlook infidelity if it fell in favor of black women. Had Tiger Woods been hopping from bed to bed with black women, I’m sure there would have been some backlash (in the sex object corner of course), but there would have certainly been a bit of praise and a few headlines reading, “Welcome Home, Tiger” or “Once you go black…”

Eugenics, or the act of selective breeding, is something practiced by all animals. In some species, like the peacock, it is based on the brightness of tail feathers and in our culture it is often rooted in skin color and hair grade. Just a little wave to the hair please! Why do you think folks are always adopting Ethiopian babies as opposed to Senegalese children. Be honest. We have our light-skinned brotha phases and then we fade back to black. And perhaps we all have a bit of Benetton (United Colors, by the way) in our hearts as well. Last time I checked, FUBU (for us, by us) went out of business.

So why are we all so bent out of shape by John Mayer? If anything, he’s telling a truth that based on my last stroll in Union Square doesn’t just apply to his cock alone. Seems like more than a few brotha-peens have made the same decision. Sadly, John Mayer said a few things that often reflect the thoughts of many. To his credit, he blamed his dick and even suggested he start using his heart and dating sisters. That’s kinda sweet if you ask me. Honestly, if we looked at the person in our beds, we’d probably more than likely find out our genitals are bigots as well. But unlike Mayer’s, they can’t talk, so they haven’t told us just yet.