So…Good Morning America gets their studio trashed and tilts their heads in confusion. Why the awesomeness Robin Roberts? On Tuesday Chris Brown visited the ABC morning show, where he was asked to participate in an interview. And of course after two years of repenting for the incident with Rihanna, Robin Roberts, unlike a true friend, couldn’t help with the process of forgiveness. Completely ignoring the obvious tension of Chris Brown, she proceeded to pick at the touchy subject. In the few moments after the interview, a window backstage was found broken, and Robert later responded: “I was shocked like everybody else because we’ve had a wonderful relationship.” The alleged spazzing-out of Chris Brown reveals the heavy weight of fame; it’s an atmosphere of non-sincerity. Media demands that Chris Brown fit the profile of a “thug,” although its correspondents and anchors act like they want to reconcile his past for the world. Could there be some dehumanizing bs surrounding the media? Hell yeah.

Instead of recognizing the fragility of its subjects, portions of the media institution treats people as though emotions are rational. All of the GMA anchors dismiss their responsibility of the so-called Chris Brown incident by claiming that he knew what Roberts was going to talk about. Even if this was the case, GMA has to realize that they are dealing with humans, meaning emotions can be triggered at any moment by anything. Therapy or time will never make us humans into something as stable and consistent as a robot. First, Chris physically showed his being “thrown off;” you telling me that Roberts couldn’t notice his fidgeting hands, his wandering eyes? Then, not even the verbal cues were enough. His passive aggressive “ehm hmm” and the first change of focus to his music should have alerted a responsible anchor. This is professional gossip though, so Roberts the sensationalist comes before Roberts the understanding journalist (she makes herself out to be for Chris). After the show Chris saw right through her. Notice the collapse of his belief in a false reality: “they told us this just so they could get me on the show to exploit me.” Call me a Marxist, but it would not change the fact that aggression is the effect of how lives have become something to sell. It should have been expected that some glass would get smashed; Roberts and GMA makes a living off of playing with emotions.

As supporters of celebrities it’s important to tell the difference between sincere journalism and parasitic entertainment. That can only be done by looking to the news for awareness of what’s going on beyond your walls and allowing the artists or other subjects to speak for themselves. At the end of the day, you may find that the lives of celebrities have about the same relevance to you as your fifth grade math teacher. No matter what we read or see, we have to keep in mind the ever-changing spirit of humyns. Chris may have raised his hand yesterday, but that doesn’t allow us to be certain that he will do it tomorrow.