President Obama attends the Sandy Hook interfaith vigil at Newtown High School in Newtown, Conn ( Photo: REUTERS)

Minister Farrakhan certainly thinks so. In the above clip, the Leader of the Nation of Islam speaks about the families he met, as he walked the streets of Chicago each week. According to Minister Farrakhan it would mean a lot to them if President Obama came and showed concern for their plight. At one time President Obama himself was a community organizer in Chi-town and his personal home is still on the South Side, less than a mile from some of the most violent neighborhoods.

Normally when you bring up these subjects, Obama defenders will be quick to remind you that Obama is President of the United States. Chicago has a mayor and aldermen, plus Illinois has congressmen, senators, and a governor. So does Newtown, Conn, but President Obama went there to comfort those families, after the senseless murders of twenty children and six adults . What happened in Newtown is a national tragedy, but shouldn’t over 500 homicides in one city be one too?  During one week last August in Chicago, 82 people where killed or wounded by gunfire.

Shouldn’t President Obama return to Chicago, the city that gave him is political start, and show the world that the lives of poor Black and Brown people are just as meaningful as those in Connecticut? Maybe he can visit Shirley Chambers, who recently lost her 4th child to gun violence. It won’t bring any of her children back, but it would show her she has a President who cares.