Happy New Year! Wow, can you believe its 2010? Another decade ending which for me is a little exciting and a little worrisome because its means I am getting older and more cynical. I realize that I cannot go to a movie like Avatar and not see how the white’s imagination pictures itself as both conqueror and savior. And of course for the multinational corporation in the movie Avatar conquering was an act of saving the “blue monkeys, (i.e. the indigenous people in Avatar) from their non-technological inferior people of color ways. To put it simply, I hated the movie. It ain’t original just watch any movie by Mel Gibson or Tom Cruise.

Once again, perhaps, this is a sign of me getting older and more cynical. And as the decades roll by 2020, 2030, 2040, 2050, 2060, and 2070 I will become increasingly like the Biblical prophet Jeremiah who proclaimed destruction upon the heads of the children of Israel for disobeying God. Hey, I can see myself waving my cane warning of impending destruction because of capitalistic desires. Well, let me not be a cynic today on the first day of 2010. I hope everyone New Year is blessed with family and friends.