After days of deliberation, promoters have decided to cancel the celebrity boxing match featuring former Florida neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman. Zimmerman became known for killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in February 2012.

How killing someone translates into celebrity status remains unknown.

The highly publicized fight set to take place next month was cancelled after promoter Damon Feldman claimed to have received death threats on his son’s life. He then sold the rights of the fight to FilmOn.com. 

From TMZ: 

As we reported … FilmOn.com CEO Alki David wanted Zimmerman to fight multiple high profile opponents in a fight-club style match … and said he would donate all profits to the foundation created by Trayvon Martin’s family. But late today the foundation told TMZ it would NOT take any money from the fight, saying it “stands boldly against any act of violence” and would reject David’s donations. When we called David for comment he decided to pull the plug altogether, saying … “I respect the wishes of the family and in light of this we are canceling the event.”

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The original bout, planned with rapper DMX spark a wave of protest with thousands taking to change.org and whitehouse.gov to sign petitions in opposition of the fight.

While some saw the match as an opportunity to get payback on Zimmerman, the majority of people realized just how much harm the event would do to the legacy of Trayvon Martin and the fight for justice.


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