frisk11n-1-webEver get harassed by the police, while walking down the street in your own neighborhood, just because you told somebody hi? According to Philadelphia police officer Philip Nace you, “don’t say hi to strangers”. And that was one of the mildest statements he made. In the next breath he let it be known, “Don’t f*cking play though, you’ll be on the same f*cking block as him. We’ll kick your ass too.” When the innocent Black man asked why he was being stopped, the kind officer replied, “you’re gonna be in violation if you keep running your mouth when I split your wig open.”  I’m sure this kinda treatment happens in every neighborhood. Watch the video below.

Remember all those times red-blooded Americans showed up at the White House with confederate flags when George Bush was President, and told him to come out with this hands up? I’m sure race has nothing to do with that fact that 1/3 of conservative republicans still believe President Obama is a Muslim. Larry Klayman demanded that Obama, “put the Quran down” at a rally yesterday where a huge confederate flag was being waved proudly, because white privilege means you can represent a group of people that fought to break apart the United States and still be called a patriot. Watch the ignorant comments by “Klansman” below.

Also, don’t forget we still inexplicably celebrate Columbus Day, because what’s more American than murdering, raping, torturing and stealing from another race of people, then dehumanizing them so nobody cares. How many of us watched the Redskins get be by the Cowboys last night?